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  • I was fortunate enough to get Ken Webster on a film project of mine. He came in with a very tight schedule and both sound effects and music to do. Ken had to jump through any number of hoops to pull it all together in time, including several passes on the soundtrack, which he did professionally and amicably. He was a pleasure to work with and his work was top notch and really brought the project to life. I will not hesitate to use Ken Webster again for any, and all, my sound needs.

    Chris Walas – Artist / Filmmaker

  • I came to Sinful Audio seeking a way to take our haunted house in a new direction, one that uses sounds to enhance our guests experience and take the show to a new level of terror. Ken provided us with a collection of sounds that were just amazing and helped us scare the yell out of people! We wanted to add a low frequency sound effect to our haunt, and had been toying with the concept for some time, but when Sinful Audio came on board, Ken took the concept to a new level. Guests left our 'bottomless' pit, amazed by the effect and unnerved by the low frequency sounds Ken created for this space! Haunters can choose to go the way of using one sound track in their haunt, our they can use Sinful audio to help them design sounds that are specific to their haunt. Having the sounds match the room you re in, the music match the space, helps you create a show that goes to the next level!

    Ed Roberts – Nightmare Factory Owner

  • Ken Webster listens carefully to our needs and designs quality custom soundscapes and voiceovers tailored to our specific requests. He talks to each of our set designers to understand their individual requirements and creates specific audio products to match these. Ken even tailors the sound to match existing audio tracks. Sinful Audio is the definite go-to for all your sound design needs.

    Shawn Morse – Haunted Nightmare at the Nile, Haunt Director

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